Monday, February 21, 2011

Molliver and Friends

One of the things I enjoy doing is creating my own original characters.  Sometimes these random people show up at local art events or star in their own unique performance.  Inspired by performance artists such as Andy Kaufman and Improv Everywhere, I seek to provide an interactive performance experience to sometimes unsuspecting audience members. The characters I create are true to life yet quirky and often based off of real people.   If you have an upcoming event or engagement and you are looking for a party guest with pizzaz or a guest speaker who knows nothing about the topic of interest, I can be your gal.  

Back Row, L-R: Emily Kzany, Teenage Goth Poet; Zanni Kzany, Hostess and Emcee for Cafe Kzany (and Godmother of Snooki); The Reverend Cookie Bon Bon from Le Confession Zen. Front Row, L-R: Bobbie Lou Bootstrapper, Director of Creative Regional Arts Projects (C.R.A.P.) for Texas Arts Association; Molliver; Annie Onomus, Celebrity and Author 

Photo by Sara and Shane Scribner

Monday, February 7, 2011

This is your brain on love...Any questions?

Ahhh...February!  With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Love is in the AIR!  Love is everywhere...but most importantly, Love is on the BRAIN!  (Hallmark is counting on it.)

If you are looking for a most egg-cellent Valentine's Day gift (you know, something affordable, yet authentic and handmade by an Oklahoman artist), consider purchasing one of Molliver's "Brains on Love."  These humorous ceramic egg-hearts are made to go on the wall.  They are only $15 each and can be purchased at the following locations:

Istvan Gallery, 1218 N. Western Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Scribner's Gallery, 124 S. Independence Ave, Enid, Oklahoma

P.S. Molliver's parents DO NOT need to know that she is selling her eggs.  Please do not mention it to them if you see them in passing...thanks!

The Miss Oklahoma Project

Since 2004, I have been working steadily on a photography journey throughout the state of Oklahoma.  Escorted by my quiet yet loyal friend Barbara  (a mannequin that believes she is the current reigning Miss Oklahoma), we travel across the state to capture the mysterious and authentic places in our beloved home state.  The project is serendipitous.  We seek places that tell stories.

Find out more at: